Intelligent Organizational Systems
... Aligning Meaning, Propensities, and Systems
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OIS is "crowd sourcing" development and review of a Management System Handbook for high reliability organizations. We have posted chapters 1-3
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Welcome to IOS We help organizations improve integration of three complex systems: organizational structure, management system processes, and the human system. We provide models and methods to align meaning and propensities at the individual, team, leader and organizational levels to create resilient, sustainable organizations. Intelligent Organizational Systems helps strengthen organizational effectiveness by: aligning work activities and organizational outcomes through the development of process-based management systems; designing organizational structures that support functionality and integration; using individual and team propensities to build fit-for-purpose workforces to ensure the performance capability of the human system Our approach enhances the alignment between individual and organizational needs and interests to the benefit of both.   Explore how IOS makes a difference: